The Shape of Time

What is the shape of time?
Is it L’engle’s tesseract, a cube in 4 dimensions?

Wrinkles or ripples reveal it, as
Waves unfold on the surface of water

On the surface of my days, my life emerges,
Like waves in water, tugged by the moon.

But what’s tugging me to play out life?
As the dance of my attention every second, minute, moment
Every hour, day, week,
Month, year, decade . . . and
That focus shapes my life,
shapes my days,
shapes my time.

What is the shape of time?
Is it wrapped in Well’s warnings?

A machine to show us
The machinations of our movements
And consequences of our carelessness?

The image of passing days and years
Translating the transitions of tomorrow into today
Flitting past like a film on fast forward
Follies fall into focus
Rewind, reflect and


Hope, like a rainbow’s curve and colour are found, just
so, where the sun and the rain conspire to focus on me.

Folly or fear, friends or family
The shape of my days follows my focus
The surface wrinkles and ripples as I shift focus
The shape of my days ripple and wrinkle
Bending bright light through dark rain
Colours casting cares aside
A bow for the present
As I choose.
To refocus.

You choose.
The shape of your focus is
The shape of your days is
. . . the shape of time.

© 2020 Samir Malak

Published by samirmalak

American by birth, Egyptian by heritage, as an imagineer, I am more interested in what unites us than what divides us. IMAGINE Anew! Imagine a new you, IMAGINE A New World! #IANEW

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