Imagine a New You, In Action

What can you do to get started imagining a new you?    Here are a few options for upcoming events and opportunities you can sign up for:

Clarifying Conversationsbook 1 hour with imagineer Samirget some clarity on where you are and where you could be going.

Making it Real – attend one of these online interactive workshops to get clear on what actions you can take to begin being an imagineer of your own dream life.

Don’t let inaction bring you down, be in action and sign up for one of these exciting opportunities for you to imagine a new you and be a part of creating a better world.

Published by samirmalak

American by birth, Egyptian by heritage, as an imagineer, I am more interested in what unites us than what divides us. IMAGINE Anew! Imagine a new you, IMAGINE A New World! #IANEW

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