Club Officers in District U,

Although completion of club officer training (metric number 9 in the Distinguished Club Program) is not required for Un-districted Clubs, you can still work towards gaining the training by participating in a District sponsored event.  Why would you do this?  To move forward along the values of Service and Excellence in stronger service to your members.

To get the credit with Toastmasters International, once you have attended the training, send an email request to the Program Quality Director for the District that hosted the District Sponsored Training that you attended and ask that they send a request to World HQ.  To make it easier for them to complete your request, I would recommend including a copy of exactly what they need to send.

For example, when I made my request to get credit for Connected Leaders Online after we chartered, I included the following in my email to the Program Quality Director. 

Here’s a possible message for

Please note that Samir Malak (Member No: 01234567), President of Undistricted Club, Connected Leaders Online  (Club No: 07781341), attended District 91 Toastmasters Leadership Institute on Sat 4 Jan 2020 at Wellington Hotel in London, UK.

Thank you for reflecting this training completion in the Club data.

You will want to update the bold items with the specifics for your membership, club and training.  Why send them the exact text of what they need to send?  They are volunteers, and by making it easy for them, you increase the accuracy of their request and reduce the amount of time they need to spend on it to just verifying that you attended.

Still have doubts?  I have been doing this successfully with another global online club since 2017.  If the Program Quality Director has doubts, it might also be good to remember the District Mission (emphasis added): 

District Mission:
We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

At your service,

Samir Malak, DTM

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