IMAGINE Anew is all about empowering you to connect your passions and dreams with your strengths and resources in order to manifest the positive change you want to see in your life, in your communities and in the world.

IMAGINE Anew  –  to start we imagine anew.  In the past we may have imagined limited possibilities or even disaster, with no clear way to shift gears and change lanes into the fast track to the life we desire.  We have to start by imagining anew and afresh, to be open to the possibility of something new.

IMAGINE A New You next we begin taking stock of what we love, what we are passionate about.  We look at how we define ourselves and what we are capable of; we take stock of what resources we have and seek to begin imagining a new you, a you living fully by your passions and dreams and making manifest the things you want to see in the world.  Where do you see yourself in a month, a year, 5 years, 10 years?  What steps need to be taken to begin moving in that direction and to keep your focus on your new heading?

Having this clarity of vision will make it easier for you to discern and prioritize the options in front of you.  If you get a job opportunity that will give you a higher income, but will take you in a direction away from your target by shifting your focus on skills and experience far afield from your direction, it becomes a “no brainer” decision to pass it by.  Whereas another opportunity, perhaps to volunteer with an organization that will give you valuable experience and connections in your target area, you can quickly discern that there will be a return on the investment of time towards your goal.

IMAGINE A New World now that you are fully in action to manifest the life you desire and you see that you are someone who is able to make things happen and to live a fulfilling life, you can start imagining and mainifesting a new world.  You are now imagineering.

IMAGINE a new you. 
IMAGINE a new world.

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