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IMAGINE Anew is all about empowering individuals to connect personal strengths and passions with their dreams in order to manifest the positive change they want to see in their lives, in their communities and in the world.

In August 2010, IMAGINE Anew was born out of a conversation my wife and I were having with a friend while stuck in traffic on Al Haram Street in Egypt.  There seemed to be no hope, no future for Egypt and all of the discussion was focused around how terrible things were and that there was no possibility for improvement.  Egypt would never change.

The direction of the conversation went against the grain of the ideals I had held core for as long as I could remember — that there was always hope for positive change.  I just could not figure out how to instill that hope into my friend’s perspective.  Then it hit me.  I changed the question, changed the direction, to match the grain.  If you could imagine a new Egypt, where everything was better, what would it look like?  The conversation shifted from the problems of the present to our own personal visions of a better Egypt.  That kind of shift gives you a target to aspire to and a way to discover the stepping stones that lead from the present predicament to a better tomorrow.

I began using the term IMAGINE A New Egypt for the 21st Century to call out different perspectives of hope for a new future for Egypt.  I used it as a foil to fend off naysayers and negative messages of despair. Imagine my surprise when the next year, the entire country, with the 25 January revolution, began to imagine a new Egypt!!!

Later, I started using the phrase to refer to other nations that could be re-imagined with hope for a better future, until I delightfully stumbled across the play on words and slightly recursive acronym that would let me apply this perspective of hope to so many more scenarios.  IMAGINE A New World or IMAGINE Anew – renew your vision, renew your target and see the positive direction in the present day.

So, let us turn up the creativity a notch, imagine anew and IMAGINE A New World, one we can strive not only to visualize, but to realize, to . . .  imagineer!

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IMAGINE Anew Blog by Samir Malak is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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  1. What an eye opener, Samir! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening my eyes to a new perspective. I’ve always tended to move away from situations I didn’t like, only to fall into similar situations. Instead, I need to imagine a better situation for myself, one where I actually want to be, and move TOWARDS it. I’ve known that for a long time, but never felt able to make the shift. Now you’ve showed me how, therefore THANK YOU! Watch this space!

  2. Samir,
    When the student is ready the teacher appears. Just what I need-a new perspective on a situation that may not change.
    So unique and interesting! Thank you Samir

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